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Here we review the questions asked by you the users and answers provided by our Pattaya real estate professionals. Everyone from Pattaya's leading real estate agents to most renowned condominium developers and managment companies. Some of these questions will even be published in our monthly printed magazine.

Q Hi Pattaya Condo Guide My name is Ron, I have been to Thailand for the first time this year, I have been told by my friends that I can buy a condo in Pattaya and I am interested to purchase, but only if it a safe investment. Can you tell me what are the requirements for a foreigner to purchase a condominium in Thailand?

Ron, 55 years old Holiday Maker from Thailand

A HI Ron, In order for a foreigner to purchase a condominium certain requirements must be met: 1. A foreigner must bring foreign currency into Thailand ... READ MORE...

Lawrence - Sales Executive Compass Real Estate

Q I hear the term 'buying off plan' what does that mean - is it a good idea and is it safe??

Sam, 30 years old Holiday Maker from United Kingdom

A Buying a condo ‘off plan’ means exactly that – purchasing property at today's prices -prior to construction being completed. Often you will get a lower ... READ MORE...

Rob Rowcett - Managing Director Compass Real Estate

Q The condominium in which I live is having its first general meeting in three years. Are there any special criteria as a co-owner that i should know about regarding general meetings?

Owen, 25 years old Working Expat from Thailand

A Yes there are many – but where to start. I’ll try to touch on the major points. Firstly your Juristic Person Manager is in breach of the Law by not ... READ MORE...

Paul Rogers - Managing Director Optima Management Services Ltd

Q I just bought a new condominium unit and paid the sinking fund and common fees in advance. What exactly is the sinking fund? If I ever sell my unit do I charge for the sinking fund?

Ralf, 31 years old Condo Owner from Belgium

A The sinking fund is a one-time payment by the first owner of a condominium unit. It is an emergency fund for unforeseen expenses such as the replacement ... READ MORE...

Paul Rogers - MD Optima Management Services Ltd

Q I live in a condominium where the executive committee has decided to run the condominium itself. Can it do this? If it can; what are the pros and cons of managing a condo yourself as opposed to hiring a management company? Kindest,

Susan, 54 years old Condo Owner from United States

A Many people think it’s easy to run a condominium. Well, when you know how, everything is easy. When managing a condominium, like every other job, you ... READ MORE...

Paul Rogers - MD Optima Management Services Ltd

Q Why doesn't your search recognise the keyword I typed in?

nok, 30 years old Retired Expat from Albania

A The most common reason for this is misspellings. Double check your to make you spelled the word correctly. Sometimes your keyword may not have been used ... READ MORE...

prakrob - emproyee Silvermover

Q Why don't all the properties have full details and photos?

, 0 years old from

A Pattaya Condo Guide encourages all our agents to provide property details with as much information as possible, not all of our member agents are able and ... READ MORE...


Q Which internet browsers do we support?

, 0 years old from

A The following internet browsers are supported. Earlier versions may work, however we recommend you upgrade to one of these free browsers to get the most ... READ MORE...



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